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Pinellas County, located on Florida's central Gulf Coast, is known for its beautiful beaches, scenic scenery and excellent restaurants. The county's largest city is St. Petersburg, but other Pinell communities also offer great shopping, dining, entertainment and entertainment options, as well as some of the state's best restaurants.

In addition to spinners, the resort also features the Palm Room, which has indoor and outdoor pools with breakfast, and the Bongos Beach Bar & Grille, which is located right on the beach and offers stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico and Florida Gulf Coast. The Grand Plaza offers accommodations ranging from standard guest rooms, including a private beach suite with extended cable and private pool, to two- and three-bathroom suites with private balconies and pool. It also offers one bedroom suites directly on the beach, which include two private balconies that open onto the gulf.

For lunch, Spinners offers appetizers, salads, sandwiches and wraps, including a blackened mahi - mahi wrap with bacon - melted chicken and cheddar, grilled panini bread, and shrimp and grains. Seafood specialties include a coconut - a "mahi mahi" with tropical mango salsa, a "mahi mahi imperial" served with portobello mushrooms and topped with baby shrimp, artichokes and cream sauce. Take-out options such as chocolate mousse cake, chocolate ice cream and chocolate chips are offered as dessert.

At last, at 9 a.m., cannons were detonated, a hot breeze blew red-and-white confetti over the fans and feet, and dancing bees shot from the sky to a chirping theme song. People holding the "Best of 50" sign were given a mini Jollibee doll in a traditional Philippine barong (formal shirt), and people in red and blue jackets with Philippine maps danced on the sidewalk, while a stiff worm performing a head-on-shoulders dance fell onto the sidewalks.

While I was waiting under a blanket, a Filipino mother called me and asked if I was doing my homework in immunology.

My shoulders sank a little when I realized that I had no plans to slide into a red cabin and dig myself in there, but I had. My family would gather around me, I would order it, and I would wait another five hours in the car and then bring my food back to Port Charlotte. I came to Pinellas Park for the first time in more than a decade and a half - and not just for the food.

In the Philippines, there are two ice cream parlours opened by new college graduates trying to feed their families. Those who make good signs win Jollibee dolls, and this year the first 50 customers won a free Chickenjoy. There is a tradition that maintains the tradition of the old-fashioned chicken and egg sandwich, a staple of Pinellas Park. A reverend in a modest brown cassock crosses to speak about the dignity of work.

Celebrities hold red votives in their hands as Father Vijaya enters the kitchen and sprinkles the corners with holy water. DJs hang out with Justin Bieber, while Jollibee videographers scour the rows around the edges and take photos of the queue - of young people and their families. Pinella's park and city employees mingle and sip free pineapple quenchers as Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" remixes through the immaculately blond wooden interior.

Nobody sleeps because of the mosquitoes and the anticipation of driving from the sidewalk to bed. On Thursday night, my Filipino friend and I dreamed and played cards and playing cards. Schramm handed me a card with a picture of her and her husband holding their two-year-old daughter in the front.

Creque grew up in the Philippines, where McDonald's dominated the lollibee, but married an American woman and moved here in 2016. Kris Creque has gotten used to going to a place in Florida when he was homesick for the Philippines when she was born, and she has to use the places she wants to go to Florida.

After Jollibee hired his manager in Jacksonville, Dela Cruz said, they sent newly minted employees there to train them to be ready. First up was a senior at the University of South Florida who studied cell and molecular biology.

Arlene Bonifacio, 54, vouched for Honculada because she had just met him and he boasted of beating her by five minutes.

Irene Rutter, a Filipino colleague, wanted to queue, but her group was first in line with more than 100 people who had been waiting all night for Filipino fast food. She admitted that she was sometimes surprised by the fervor, citing statistics showing the number of Filipinos in Pinellas Park and other parts of Tampa Bay. The jolly animals end up in a large population of Tampa Bay area, which numbers about 22,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. They work late, work long hours and travel from all over the country to do their jobs, she said.

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More About Pinellas Park