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The hotel offers classically furnished rooms with cable TV and free Wi-Fi. Located in the heart of Pinellas Park, this Clearwater, Florida hotel is a short drive from Florida International Airport and offers airport shuttle service.

Guests can enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast each morning before taking a dip in the outdoor pool. Guests can also make use of 24-hour room service and enjoy breakfast every morning at an additional cost. The hotel also features a bar, a fitness centre and a spa with private pool and spa treatments.

The hotel serves a complimentary full breakfast buffet each morning, with hot and cold items. You can also use the snack bar and delicatessen, where snacks and drinks are available for purchase. While the hotel offers a free weekly reception for guests, snack bars and a delicatessen offer a variety of snacks, drinks and events.

The hotel is also close to the Feather Sound Country Club, making it a great place to stay if you are planning a golfing holiday. During your holiday in Pinellas Park, be sure to take your children to the Pier Aquarium and take part in the Fresh Fish Theater, where marine life from all over the world can be seen. If you are travelling with children, you should definitely visit this place and try the children's playground and playground. Enjoy the picturesque views and enjoy the property from the sink or try one of the many outdoor pools on the hotel's second floor.

If you're visiting the St. Petersburg area, be sure to attend a baseball game at Tropicana Field or visit the spectacular Pier Aquarium. While visiting Pinellas Park, spend the day with your family, watch the latest movies or simply relax in one of the many restaurants.

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Both St. Petersburg and Clearwater are comfortable options with fully equipped kitchens and seating areas. Visit our separate list of Pinellas County hotels to see a complete list for each hotel level. We have listed only the selected cheap hotels for Clearwaters, but our sortable list of the cheapest hotels near Clear waterways contains the complete listing.

It has 120 rooms, and each room has a fully equipped kitchen with its own dining area, private shower and bath. It has 116 rooms and rooms that reflect the style of the 1920s, with claw foot baths. This 120-room Pinellas Park, Florida hotel just north of St. Petersburg has 114 rooms with full-service kitchens and private bathrooms. Each room has an open living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom.

Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach is located 12 miles from Pinellas Park and offers guests a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The climate in Pinella Park is pleasant and in June, July and August it gets humid and hot, but the humidity is low and the temperatures are more moderate. You may notice a slight price increase at this time, and this is due to an increase in the number of rooms available.

If you are planning a family vacation in Florida, stay at one of the Pinellas Park Florida hotels in Pinella Park, Florida. If you are planning a beach holiday, you should stick to the summer months, as more precipitation falls in spring.

Located in the heart of Tampa Bay, this hotel offers many modern amenities and comfortable rooms. Located on Tampa International Street, the hotel features a spacious lobby, a large lobby bar and a full-service restaurant. On-site amenities include a state-of-the-art fitness centre, an indoor pool and a poolside spa, and staff who speak several languages.

The Red Roof Inn Clearwater Airport is also an affordable and friendly place to stay, and offers great accommodations for travelers coming from the local airport. Located on Ulmerton Road in Clearwaters, about 4 miles from Pinellas Park, the Oldscool Hotel is one of the best hotels in the area and a good choice for those flying in and out of PineLLas County. When you plan your itinerary, you will be met at the airport by old staff.

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