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In Pinellas Park, Florida, programs and schools of fine arts are thriving, with increased partnerships with local arts organizations and local schools. Now is the time to recognize and consider the pioneering role in developing a new visual arts program for Pinella Park High School students.

In the past eight years alone, Pinella's students have earned more than $1.5 million in state and federal scholarships for arts programs. They have had a positive impact on the local economy, the community economy and the quality of life of their families.

K-5 students have the opportunity to learn and design their own art projects such as ceramics, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and music. The middle school's art programs use a variety of arts and crafts, as well as music and dance for students who learn to create, design, paint, draw, shape, create and paint. Several schools now offer art students enrolled in the Pinella School of the Arts, a state arts program for elementary school students.

MS students also get a studio - based on Florida State standards, which are based on the following traditional media. You can meet the artists, learn their techniques by watching them paint and perhaps buy a fresh and original work of art.

Visit the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum, where you can view a large collection of historically significant vehicles. The museum is located on the Pinellas Peninsula in St. Petersburg, Florida, just a few miles south of downtown Tampa. The mission of this museum is to collect, preserve and convey the history and heritage of Florida, with an emphasis on St. Petersburg and the Pinelli Peninsula. The mission of the museum is to "make Florida's history, heritage and culture accessible to the public through a wide range of educational activities.

Studio 620 develops artistic and educational programs that integrate a variety of art forms to promote new cultural experiences for audiences and artists. Students are given a studio - based on Florida State standards, followed by media. Studio 620 works with artistic, educational and cultural organizations in the community to bring together people from different cultural backgrounds and experiences.

The middle school offers a range of exciting courses for fine arts as an optional subject for students in the 6th to 8th grades. Children from kindergarten to fifth grade attend all classes of primary schools and have access to a well-equipped art class and a designated art area. The Painted Fish Gallery also features art by artists and owners Bill and Linda Renc on the Trail. Take a look at some of the artworks in the Gallery of the Gallery and in the Pinellas Park Museum of Art.

The pieces created in the glass studio are available in the adjacent Hot Shop Store. This space is known as Artist Alley and the doors are open to visitors for art walks. Outdoor areas such as the pool deck also allow nature to be brought into the screened-off area.

For groups, Art Walk maps are available to mark participating galleries, and visitors can find out about hikes and other activities in the park.

The Art Walks are free and offer people a great opportunity to learn about the art and culture of Pinellas Park and its history. Each year, special themes are planned to raise money for good causes or just to have fun.

Florida CraftArt (formerly Florida Craftsmen) celebrates and promotes Florida's fine craftsmanship. The Florida Craftsman nonprofit provides courses and workshops to help Florida artisans and tradesmen with their business skills and skills. DFAC has a strong focus on building a community that is inclusive, sustainable, affordable and environmentally friendly, "said Ken Hannon, DFAC's deputy executive director. To learn more about the Pinellas Park Art Walks and other events, visit our website or our Facebook page.

People move from mapped places to learn the skills and techniques of artists who may be talking about themselves or their artists. Musical performances and live entertainment create a festival atmosphere as artists welcome the public to their galleries and studios. Visitors experience the fire and passion of pioneering contemporary artists and the legacy that each work leaves behind.

If you drive past the interior motifs by car, you may meet a number of pioneers of art in the city centre who were part of the history of Pinellas Park and its art community. We plan to offer the painting of local artists in a tailor-made setting and to promote their art on our website. In September we are hosting a "Build-a-Painting" event with live music, live art and craftsmen. Musicians perform on Saturday, September 11, at 7: 30 p.m. And there is a raffle for the parking prices on the following days from 8 a.m. to 30 p.m.

More About Pinellas Park

More About Pinellas Park